5 Tips to Look Your Best after a Long Day of Travel

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When you’ve been traveling on a luxury vacation you may not feel as if you look your best. That can be distracting you from enjoying yourself, and we have some ideas to help. This post will give tips to look your best when traveling for long periods across the world or just across the country!

Smile. We listed this first because even if you don’t feel you look your best, a smile instantly makes you feel better. You’ve arrived at your destination, and that’s something to celebrate! Smiling releases endorphins that make you happy and everyone is more beautiful with a smile.

Keep it simple. Consider putting on a minimum of makeup and wearing your hair in a simple style—you want to be as comfortable as possible while you’re traveling. It’s much easier to add makeup than to touch up what you’re already wearing, and if you feel your makeup doesn’t look right, you won’t be as happy and relaxed as you should be.

Pamper yourself. Stay hydrated by drinking water instead of coffee or alcohol. If you do drink, have at least one glass of water for each drink, and eat fruit to replace depleted vitamins. If you’re traveling by plane, you may feel your skin drying out from the low humidity in the cabin, and applying moisturizer throughout the flight will help. Keeping baby wipes handy helps you stay fresh and keeps your skin soft. Don’t forget the sunscreen if you’ll be exposed to sunlight!

Wear comfy clothing. You’ll feel much better if you wear travel clothing that fits well and doesn’t wrinkle. If you’ve spent a 10-hour flight constantly fiddling with your clothes, you’re not going to be in a great mood when you land. Comfort is the key here.

As soon as you reach your motel, go for a shower and a change. If you reach your destination in time, head for the shower and refresh yourself. A change of clothes will make you feel like a new person and will give you a head start on your new adventure.

What’s your favorite travel beauty trick?

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