At-Sea Retreats for Relaxation and Rejuvenation: The Top 5 Spas on the World’s Best Cruise Ships

Hit the high seas—in high style! Nothing compares to the luxury of an upscale cruise,  and when your ocean-getaway comes complete with an onboard spa, you’re in for fathoms of bliss. Here are a few of our favorite cruise ship spas whose lavish treatments are only matched by the majesty of the oceans beneath them….


The Island of Capri: A Guide to Italy’s Majestic Island

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Travel to the enchanted harbors of Capri, and as you walk the Belvedere of Tragara’s villa-lined promenade, you’ll quickly see why the island has fascinated and inspired artists (such as John Singer Sargent) for centuries.

But the panoramic views and imperial Roman ruins aren’t all you’ll find on Capri’s mesmerizing shores. Take along a good walking map, and you’ll discover the island’s lush flora, the high fashion street Via Camarelle, and Via Botteghe’s grocery stores, boutiques, and wine shops.


Making The Best of Layovers

airport layoverNothing seems to dilute the excitement of a trip more than a layover. Luckily for today’s travelers, airport downtime can be an unexpected treat.

Here are just a few ways you can pass your layover hours with new discoveries, leisure-friendly accommodations, and seriously good food. You won’t even care that you’re not in the air.  


All You Need to Know About London’s East End

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A true renaissance of possibility is alive and well on the legendary streets of London’s East End. Forever transformed by trendsetting artists, designers, chefs, and hoteliers, East End’s distinctive offerings are sure to alter forever how you remember London—and for the better!

Hotels Visitors hoping for a stay in East End will be pleased to choose from a few unique experiences: the ultra-exclusive, members-only Shoreditch House and Town Hall Hotel and Apartments, the transformed Edwardian town hall now complete with fine-dining and art galleries. For the glamorous traveler, Shoreditch offers a lush rooftop pool, private balconies, rainforest showers, a bowling alley, the on-site Cowshed Spa. Be warned, though—these hip digs come with a no-suit policy to maintain its savoir-fare atmosphere.


Discover and Explore Africa on Safari : An Interview with Naomi Estment

Looking to make an African safari your next journey? Then be sure to read this interview one of our dear friend, photographer and videographer and co-owner of Outdoor Video & Photographic, Naomi Estment. In this interview, Naomi shares her tips for an optimal safari experience including where to stay, peak travel times, and even tips to help you capture…