Well Designed Journeys for Discerning Travelers

Imagine . . . a journey so thoughtfully crafted and so meticulously detailed you literally feel the release of responsibility as you melt into calm. A chance—at last—to live, to travel, and to connect with others around the globe.

This is the Well Designed Journeys experience.

Our exclusive group travel is expertly designed for the discerning traveler who appreciates adventure, culture, history, art, wine, and fine cuisine.  We are able to provide a unique travel experience with personal service and thoughtful upgrades that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether traveling solo or as a couple, or a group of family and friends, we welcome those who are looking for a travel experience filled with fun, laughter, and memories.

We invite you to join us for a tour of Beijing’s Summer Palace and tea with a local family in Beijing. Take a leisurely stroll on the promenade deck at sunset on your lavish Mediterranean cruise ship. Or sip Cabernet Sauvignon, and sample fragrant, rich cheeses at a vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France.

No matter your fancy, our travel experience connects you to places and cultures and with others who share a common bond: a passion for travel.

Connect on one of our exclusive journeys.

Live. Travel. Connect.

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Well Designed Journey and Live Luxury around the World.

Browse the Christmas markets of Germany for that perfect gift, enjoy the aroma of the crisp air while playing a round of golf in Scotland, or relax and cruise the crystalline sapphire waters of the Mediterranean. All Well Designed Journey small group travel features highlights, tours, and gifts you won’t find anywhere else…[read more]

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Are you tired of big group travel and not being able to experience and taste the local cultures and cuisines? Do you want to feel special when you travel?

When you voyage with one of our small travel groups of 8 to 16 travelers, you can count on the distinctive personal touch we’re known for. You’ll venture…[read more]

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Picture this…

You glance around the antique Italian farm table at your husband, children and their spouses, and at their exuberant laughter as they share the memories of days gone by.   You open a bottle of Mormoreto wine and gaze at the Tuscan sun as it slowly sinks below the enchanting hillside. Sighing with contentment, you…[read more]