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Today will be a conversation with an amazing woman I have known for several years and when we get together I am always excited to hear about her latest journey.   Katherine is an avid traveler so I spent a little time recently asking her some general travel questions.  Here is her story.

Traveling Journey Guest -  Katherine Letterman

Welcome and thank you for taking the time for this interview today.  Would you mind telling our readers a little about yourself and why you have traveled so much?

Traveling satisfies my curiosity and I must have had nomadic ancestors.  Even returning home means books to read about one’s destination, delicious meals to try to recreate in one’s home kitchen, and memories that last a lifetime.  Not to mention the zeal of planning the next adventure.

I know you have traveled to numerous countries around the world.  Have you kept count of the number?  And did you usually visit alone or with someone?

I’ve been fortunate to visit almost seventy countries and I have traveled both solo and accompanied.  My husband and I have kissed in all fifty state capitol buildings.  Road trips are a great way to see our own country and there are some impressive museums tucked away in small towns in America – not to mention fabulous regional foods.

What part of the world draws you the most to return to? And why would that be?

I have yet to travel everywhere and returning holds little appeal for me until I have satisfied the wanderlust and intellectual curiosity I have for new places.  Morocco is an incredible country with ocean, endless green fields, beautiful Atlas Mountains, and the stunning colors of the Sahara Desert.  The animals in Kenya are absolutely jaw-dropping to see.  The colors in India are breath-taking.  Iguazu Falls in South America makes Niagara Falls look like a faucet, at least according to Eleanor Roosevelt!

Elephants by Sandy Salle

Elephants by Sandy Salle

What was one of the most amazing places you have ever visited and that you would tell readers it needs to be on your bucket list?

The Galapagos Islands should not be missed!  What a perfect family vacation.  The islands are remote, yet accessible.  The volcanic history and adaptive evolution of the animals and birds are an interesting study.  It is casual and laid back.  The kids can all learn photography and be amazed at what they capture on film.

Albatrosses on Espanola

Albatrosses on Espanola - Galapagos

Can you describe one funny experience while traveling?

Learning not to take liquid Pepto-Bismol!  A bottle broke in my luggage and everything I wore and used for the entire trip was pink.  Even my stash of $1 bills turned pink.  And I am not a pink person!

Tell us what must always pack in your carry-on when you travel.

Anything I ABSOLUTELY can’t lose.  After that – a stash of cash to convert upon arrival, hand sanitizer, tickets, passport, book to throw away when finished, necessary medicines, lipstick, disposable toothbrush and toothpaste, camera, and travel journal.  Wet wipes are great for cleaning tray tables, refreshing your face, and cleaning your hands.  I usually have an Eyewitness guidebook so that I am ready to hit the road running when I land.  A large scarf is a great way to cocoon on a long air trip and can be adapted to one’s wardrobe after arrival.  A book of Sudoku is a new favorite to help pass the time.

When and where are you traveling next?

Next will be the most remote peninsula in Costa Rica to see bird life.  As far as when, I have been quoted as saying I can be ready to go on less than a day’s notice!

Thank you very much and we hope to hear more from our traveling journey guest, Katherine Letterman, in the future.

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KaraJuly 6, 2010 at 10:26 amReply

I love the “guest interview” format, and of course I personally use Katherine for a travel encyclopedia. Very informative and inspiring.